Data and Visualization Week 1

This week I started a project about showing data on a map and physically. I started out with some research.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m032 art331-leah-mcqueen-m033 art331-leah-mcqueen-m034 art331-leah-mcqueen-m035

After my visual research, I went into sketching ideas for my map and for my physical representation of the data.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m036 art331-leah-mcqueen-m037 art331-leah-mcqueen-m038 art331-leah-mcqueen-m039 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0310

Finally, I made some digital sketches of a map that represents data for the number of people who attend the cinema in a year.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m0311 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0312


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