Data and Visualization Week 2

From my feedback from last week, I learned that my map needed to feel more related to my subject matter. In this first image I tried to do that using the old movie count down clocks on top of the top ten countries. However, this idea didn’t come out as clear as I hoped, so I then moved on to trying to create the map I made last week with film reels instead.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m03 art331-leah-mcqueen-m032 art331-leah-mcqueen-m033

For my first prototype the idea is to have multiple popcorn bowls representing different countries. The number of hands will be higher for countries with more people that attend the cinema.


For this prototype I used a photo I took of a theater and colored the photos to represent different countries. The more chairs, the higher the number of people who attend the cinema in that country.



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