P9: Portfolio

1. Project Corrections / Time spent: 10 minutes spent on rearranging and fixing text on flier project. I had too much text on the bottom of the page so I moved it up to where the rest of the text is and only left the logo at the bottom. Two hours spent on completely redoing the web page project from scratch. I added a new background image that I took and edited in Photoshop. The text and most of the HTML stayed the same. I mainly edited the CSS.

2. Message: The message is to display all of my Comm 130 work from the semester.

3. Audience: Those who are interested in seeing my work, such as job interviewers.

4. Top Thing Learned: How to use master pages in Adobe InDesign.

5. Future application of Visual Media: Visual Media will be a great asset to me as I work toward a career in Web Design and Development. I think my design skills have already improved massively. Having visual media skills will also open up other opportunities for me. For example, I have already been asked to create some logos for people as a result for this class.

6. Color scheme and color names: Complementary colors blue and orange.

7. Title Font Name & Category: Name: Ebrima Category: Sans Serif

8. Copy Font Name & Category: Name: Nyala Category: Old Style

9.Thumbnails of Images used:

lights10. Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): 



P8: Brochure Project






  1. Description: A double sided folding brochure.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): For this project I started by planning out the layout for the brochure. Since I planed to make the black and white image overlap the seahorse, I had to figure out how to measure out everything so that it would line up perfectly. Just to note a side skill, I used algebra for this such as the midpoint formula to figure out where to place the image perfectly with the bleed (the bleed made the measurements a little more complicated so algebra helped there). After I had a layout, I set up my Adobe InDesign document with guidelines. I then edited the photos in Photoshop including making one image black and white and making a clipping mask of another. Once the images were ready I placed them in the InDesign document. I then created a logo in Adobe Illustrator and placed it into the InDesign document. Finally I added the text and did a text wrap it and added shadows. Once this was done I added crop marks for the diagonal cuts and exported the file with bleed crop marks for printing. Once printed I cut the completed project with an xacto knife and folded the brochure.
  3. Message: The message is to advertise an aquarium in Rexburg and the exhibits it has available, and especially the upcoming events and exhibits for summer 2015.
  4. Audience: People who like aquariums and live in the Rexburg area.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to plan out a document front and back and implement that plan in InDesign.
  6. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic using blue.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Font: Rockwell Category: Slab-Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Font: Gadugi Category: Sans-Serif
  9. Word Count of copy: 277
  10. Thumbnails of Images used:                                                         rainbowseahorse  otter  clownfish  Sea-Turtle-Wallpaper
  11. Sources (Links to images on original websites): 

Seahorse: http://www.lovethesepics.com/2013/04/60-spectacular-seahorses-and-seadragons-pics/

otter: http://www.tehcute.com/white-otter-says-hi.html

nemo fish: https://www.wallpaperama.com/wallpapers/clown-fish-aquarium.html

turtle: http://onebigphoto.com/baby-turtle-running-sea/

P7: Web Page


  1. Description: A web page that describes the logo design from the logo project.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started by laying out all the text and images in html. I separated the text into paragraph, heading, list, break, and link tags. I also used the strong tag to bold the list items. After that I added the design elements using an external css style sheet. I changed the text styles on the paragraphs, lists, bolded words,  and headings. For the background I added a margin to center everything and made the background green with a repeating leaf pattern taken from the wing of the hummingbird. I added a transparent background behind all the content and then added individual background colors to make everything more legible.
  3. Message: The message is the design process or thinking behind the hummingbird logo.
  4. Audience: The audience is people who have access to the internet and are interested in learning more about creating a logo. 
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned to insert a background image that goes in a single line instead of repeating across the entire screen.
  6. Color scheme and color hex(s): The color scheme is big split complementary using indigo (rgba(69,63,153,0.75) was used, but the hex is 453F99), violet (hex 792675), lime (hex A1C43A), and gold (F7B325). 
  7. Title Font Families & Category:  Given fonts: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif with noraml weight. Category: sans-serif
  8. Copy Font Families & Category: Same as title, except weight was not adjusted.
  9. Changes made to the CSS: I added an id and a class to make the backgrounds possible. I customized all of the other categories fonts and colors and took out the rounded edges. I added a background-image.
  10. Word Count: 266

P6: Stationary



Business Card (8.5 X 11 layout):

P6LeahMcQueenBusiness Card (Large Layout):


  1. Description: A similar business card and letterhead using a personal brand and logo.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started this project by sketching out what I wanted my logo to look like. I then took a picture of my sketch and put it into Adobe Illustrator to trace with the pen tool. Once I had a logo, I imported it into Adobe Indesign to create the letter head and business card. For the letterhead I made the margins 0.5 inches and put grey lines along these to create the design. For the business card, I kept the line theme by putting the lines 0.125 inches from the edge. I then made the main text 8pt and my name 11pt on the back of the business card and the letterhead. For the front of the business card I made my name bigger and increased the kerning so that is aligned with “Web Design and Development.” I made the text grey to match the grey lines. Finally I made my name all caps with the text tool in Adobe Indesign.
  3. Message: The message of my business card and letterhead is my own brand as a web designer and developer with main contact information included.
  4. Audience: The audience is people who are making a website and need someone to help them or make it for them.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned how to make my own font using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.
  6. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic color scheme using teal.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Coolvetica – Sans Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Californian FB – Oldstyle



P5: Logo Project


  1. Description: This is a logo for a fake company that uses an illustration. There are three versions of the logo: colored, greyscale, and a white on a color background.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started this project by figuring out what type of company I wanted to design for. Once I decided on a nursery, I decided the logo should have a nature theme. With this in mind, I sketched some ideas. I then took photos of these sketches and used them to trace with the pen tool in  Adobe Illustrator. Once the logos were digitized, I got people to vote on their favorite logo. The hummingbird logo was the favorite, so I then revised it and made the greyscale and white on color versions.
  3. Message: Company branding for a business called Hidden Garden’s Nursery.
  4. Audience: People who are interested in gardening or nurseries.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to turn a stroke or line into a shape so that it can be used with the pathfinder tool to cut into other shapes (used on the lines cut into the leaves on the white on color version of the logo).
  6. Color Scheme and Color Names: Tetratic using lime, indigo, gold, violet.
  7. Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Title font – Constantia, Serif font Subtitle: Coolvetica Regular, Sans Serif font

P4: Montage Project



  • Description: Inspirational photo montage that includes two images and a quote.
  • Process: I began this project by looking for resources to use, first by finding the quote and then by looking for pictures that related to the quote. I then worked on combining the forest image and the runner image in Photoshop. I put a mask on the runner and took out most of the background of her image. After masking the image, I started trying out filters and decided I liked the effect called dissolve. I brought in more of the background in the runner’s picture to make the dissolve effect more consistent across the image such as behind the word “line.” I then added the text, making the key word “finish line” and “journey” a different font to make them stand out. Then I added the purple text box to create a triadic color scheme. Finally, I aligned the text and added drop shadows to make it more legible.
  • Message: The message is the quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about how in life we often forget to enjoy what is happening now when we focus too much on the future.
  • Audience: The audience is focused on Latter Day Saint church members since they will know who Dieter F. Uchtdorf is and it is likely they have heard the talk “Of Regrets and Resolutions” which is where this quote comes from.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned what a Photoshop mask is and how to use it to combine photographs.
  • Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: Dissolve, which was used on the runner.
  • Color scheme and color names: Triadic color scheme using the colors green, orange, and purple.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Windsong (Emphasis words use this font), Script
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Colaborate-Thin, Sans-Serif
  • Thumbnails of Images used: 



  • Sources:

Forest Image from 7-Themes at the url: http://7-themes.com/6861171-forest-path.html

Runner image found at http://sunrise.sbhk.org.hk/teamview.php?id=715


P3: Photodesign


  1. Description: Create a full color bleed photo-design using an original photo and Photoshop. Learn to use Photoshop tools to improve photos.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I started with learning some lighting and camera techniques to take the photo. After I took the photo, I added some effects in Photoshop to boost the vibrancy and hue of the tennis ball and increase the intensity of the shadows. I then learned to add some shapes in Photoshop. After playing with the shapes, I decided to go with a simpler design of the lines. I aligned the lines and text with the edge of the tennis ball and the edge of the word “Wilson.” I then added the text and matched the color of the racket and the tennis ball to make a complementary color scheme.
  3. Message: The message in this photo is focused on tennis and the quote by Mitch Hedberg.
  4. Audience: The audience is those who play or like tennis.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to use lighting in photos and how to edit in Photoshop.
  6. Color scheme and color names: The color scheme is complementary using the colors red and green.
  7. Title Font Name & Category:  Coolvetica, sans serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Coolvetica, sans serif
  9. Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted: lowkeyphotodesign 041
  10. Date and location you took the photo(s): Photo take on May 19, 2015 on a blanket in my apartment.