How-To Poster Week 2

This week the focus for my how-to poster was refining the look and steps of the poster and then testing the poster on people who have never seen it before to see if they could follow the steps. I started the process with doing a little more research to find ways I could make my poster look more like a blueprint. After I did my research, I refined the look of my posters.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m0115 art331-leah-mcqueen-m01152


Once I had a refined poster to work with, I then took my posters into user testing to see if people could complete the steps. 
art331-leah-mcqueen-m01157 art331-leah-mcqueen-m011572 art331-leah-mcqueen-m011573 art331-leah-mcqueen-m011574Once I had done some user tests, I had some of the same errors coming up every time. I decided to take a break from testing at this point and start working on some refinements for my poster. I first started by changing the layout of the poster, and then I worked and fixing the steps.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m01158 art331-leah-mcqueen-m01153

With my new steps, I decided to do one last user test. The changes turned out to be incredibly successful!


For this upcoming week my plan is to work on the line quality of my steps and try adding a more subtle texture than what I tested earlier. I will then be able to print and mount the final product. Here is a bigger version of the current look of my design:


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