This semester I have been participating in the photographics society at BYU-I. For the most part, I have been going because I like seeing what other students can do and I find their work inspiring. It was fun to be able to enter photos in the contest just to be able to participate with students that do some amazing work.

Blog contests:

The first photo pictured here won the food and product contest and the second photo got second place in the phonography contest. For the first photo I edited the lighting and coloring in Photoshop, and on the second photo I used my iPhone 4 and edited it using an app called PicShop Lite (which crashes every two seconds, so I don’t recommend it. It was the only app I could find that would still work with the iPhone 4).  I then submitted the photos on the photographic’s wordpress blog.

LeahMcQueen - Chocolate
Entered Sept 29, 2015
LeahMcQueen - PhonePhoto
Entered Nov 17, 2015

The next photos I entered in the landscape print contest. I went to a place called Canyon Creek and got to do some hiking around the area to get these shots. I did a lot of editing, especially on the second photo which I did HDR on. I went to Walmart to get the photos printed, and then submitted the photos to the photographics blog. All were entered on October 13, 2015.

LeahMcQueen-River LeahMcQueen-Elaina LeahMcQueen-BridgeAndRiver

The photographic’s website is



Final Photobook

This is my photobook that I designed to compile all the work I have done in Comm 300 this semester. I thought it was interesting going through all the photos I have done this semester. Though I have been happy with my work this semester, I kept looking through the photos thinking about how I could have done it differently with the knowledge I have now. That was a sign to me how much I have grown over this semester as a photographer. I hope to continue to practice and progress in my photography once this semester is over.

For the design of this book, I wanted the design to represent me as best as I could. I used a logo that I created in my typography class that I had this semester. This logo set the tone for the rest of my book, as I tried to incorporate circles into my design. As I was looking through examples of photobooks, I found that very few layouts use circles. By going for a continuous circle design in my book, I think it makes it more unique. I designed this book in InDesign, and I used MyPublisher to print a physical copy of the book. The fonts I used were Bembo Book Pro MT (Serif) and Lato (sans serif).

Leah McQueen’s Photobook PDF

Light Painting

This week I learned how to Light Paint. the process for taking these photos was to turn all the lights off and use a flashlight to light up the part of the setup that I wanted visible in the photos. I learned that it is easiest to turn the flash light off and turn it on in specific locations(rather than moving the flashlight around while on), ending with a quick sweep of light over everything. In editing the photos I mainly adjust the lighting, since many of my photos were a bit too dark. I used curves and levels with masks in Photoshop to put more light where I wanted it. I also adjusted some of the colors to make the brighter and more vibrant using vibrancy and selective color adjustment layers.

LeahMcQueen-Chairs LeahMcQueen-Christmas LeahMcQueen-ClarinetLeahMcQueen-LightBulb LeahMcQueen-PineConeLeahMcQueen-TravelLeahMcQueen-Lamp

I was playing around with this image using paint brushes in Photoshop so I thought I would include that as well: 


Fine Art Print

LeahMcQueen - Chocolate

This semester I have been going to the photographics society at BYU-I and participating in some of the photo contests. The photo I chose for my fine art print is a photo I took for the food and product blog contest. I chose this photo because I was invited to display this specific photo in the Spori.

I had a kind of strange set up for this photo. It looked like this:

LeahMcQueen - SetUp

I googled how to do “moody food” photos and they said to block off the light on one side and angle the light on the other side. I used black pieces of paper and ended up with this. The material is a skirt that I have set up on my desk fan. Not shown in this photo is the lamp I used for lighting. I put it to the left side in this photo. I used the two books as a tripod for my camera. The result was this photo:

LeahMcQueen - ChocolateOrigional

In Photoshop, I added curves, levels, sharpening, and a brown gradient. Here’s my video describing my process and showing my printed product:

Photobook Design: Covers, First spread, TOC, Professional Page

This week I began designing my photobook. I was inspired by the fine art templates we did for the typography assignment, so I decided to continue with the hexagon look I was using for that assignment. I used Photoshop to create the template for the back cover and table of contents. Everything else I designed in InDesign.

Front Cover:


Back cover:



Table of contents:


First Spread:


Professional Page:

I didn’t have any photos of myself, so I took this photo of myself. I just put my camera on my desk as a tripod and I have a remote to release the trigger. I then followed this tutorial to do the editing:


Rules of Typography Tutorial



I did my tutorial on the rules of typography. The relevance to this class is that we have a typography assignment this Saturday. For my tutorial I mainly focused on things that we learned in comm 130 for typography as a refresher for anyone who may have forgotten. I was inspired by the list of typography rules mentioned in Visual Focus by Caryn Esplin and Thinking In Type by Ellen Lupton. I’m currently in a typography class, so I used some of the things I have learned from the Ellen Lupton book in that class, such as type having personality. The photo that I used to put typography example on is one I took for the portrait assignment on October 24. I used Photoshop to put text on my photos.



PowerPoint used in video:

Rules of Typography

Photos used:

Center aligned

LeahMcQueen-ElainaCenterLeft aligned


Right AlignedLeahMcQueen-ElainaRight

Awful exampleLeahMcQueen-ElainaTerribleExample

Bannack Best – Portraits

Editing process:

Since I use a pretty similar editing process on all of my photos, I will describe the process here. In Photoshop I always use the levels, curves, and vibrancy adjustment layers. I often use the sharpening tool on the subject’s eyes. On many of the photos I used the dodge and burn tools to adjust the lighting and shadows in the photos. Most of the photos have an added vignette. Some photos I used the color match tool to adjust the colors to that of a photo that had better coloring.

Auxiliary Light:

For these first two photos I used a speed light to the left of the model to form a triangle between myself, the light, and the model. In the first photo the model was instructed to act like an angry school teacher. In the second she was asked to toss an apple up a couple of times.

LeahMcQueen-AngryTeacher LeahMcQueen-AppleToss

For this photo there was a flash lighting on the model from the left, once again creating a triangle between myself, the model, and the light. The model pulled out a gun and I asked him to point it at me. He made a snarling type face which is what makes this one of my favorite photos.


This photo had a fill light off to the left side of the model. I really liked this photos because I think seeing the side of the building adds some interesting depth.


The rest of the photos were done using all natural light.

LeahMcQueen-SulkyCowboy LeahMcQueen-CowboyBlackandWhite LeahMcQueen-SaloonCowboy LeahMcQueen-ModernCowboy