How to Poster Week 1

This week I began making a how to poster on how to fold a paper airplane. The challenge with this project is figuring out a way to show someone how to do this without using words. I began my process with researching styles of how to posters as well as symbols and styles I wanted to consider using in my poster.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m012 art331-leah-mcqueen-m013 art331-leah-mcqueen-m014 art331-leah-mcqueen-m015 art331-leah-mcqueen-m016 art331-leah-mcqueen-m017

Once I had an idea of the style I was going to go for, I folded a couple paper airplanes myself to look at the best way I could describe the process to people. Between the two experiments that I did, I found a 7 step process that I think will be enough to to teach someone to fold a paper airplane.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m018art331-leah-mcqueen-m019 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0110 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0111Once my research and experiments were complete, I began my sketches. I settled on two ideas: the propeller because I thought it was a clever use of a plane and the blueprint to show the paper airplane as if it was being created by an engineer.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m0112 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0113

After creating my paper sketches, I made my two ideas digital. The blueprint sketch is for sure my favorite. It looks far more professional and I think it shows a much clearer process. There isn’t as much going on, so the steps are more obvious and easy to follow. In the upcoming weeks, I plan to proceed with this idea.

art331-leah-mcqueen-m0114 art331-leah-mcqueen-m0115


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