Week 12 Reflection

This week I learned a lot about using Google analytics. A couple of weeks ago I remember talking about all the things analytics could do, such as be able to see what the user does on the site, but I didn’t really understand how. Being able to compare keywords and pages with click rates, bounce rates, time spent on pages, and so on was incredibly useful. It helped me see why Google analytics is such a powerful tool and how I could improve my site.

Another thing I learned about is different ways to get backlinks to a site. I haven’t really wanted to put my effort into that since I don’t want to keep my site running for much longer, but it was helpful to learn about those type of methods. I feel very wary of many methods of backlinking though because many of them feel dishonest. I think the best way is to start a blog or some type of thing with shareable content so that you can share it with people and other people will want to share it too. Also with blogs, you can make blogging friends to start making a reputation.

My website: lmlogodesigns.com


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