Week 11 Reflection

This week I learned a lot about social media networks and how they work with businesses. I tend to be a person who doesn’t interact with social media a lot even though I look at it a lot. I thought it was interesting how important social media is for business. I realized that big companies use it a lot, but I never thought about how it could benefit smaller companies. I liked how our readings for this week explained how doing business with social media is more than just trying to sell things to people. It is more about trying to build relationships with people. It talked about getting involved and making content that people will want to see and share. I like how this approach is more about making good stuff rather than promoting products or trying to make money. Even though the selling things through your business is the ultimate goal, you have to have that foundation there first. By making things for an audience and interacting with other people, people will see the business as more than just something trying to sell them things. It reminds me of part of a book I read that talked about being a nice citizen on the internet will help get you places.


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