Week 10 Reflection

This week I learned about SEO and landing pages. The main thing that I got from these lessons is that everything we do with our websites needs to be unified. If we choose a keyword to represent a certain page, we need to stick with that word everywhere, from the headline, to the URL, the description and so on. This helps keep everything on a page consistent so that users see that what they clicked on from a search is relevant to what they found.

I think the most important thing that I learned about landing pages is that there needs to be a good call to action and the landing page needs to reflect the website. In our exercise this week, the example page didn’t really do this. Things that should have been a call to action were lower on the page and it made things confusing. Users need to directed to what they are supposed to be doing on the site. They shouldn’t be overwhelmed.

The most surprising thing I learned this week was the importance of getting your site linked to for good SEO. I didn’t realize that this was what helps build credibility to the site. I think it makes sense because it is the easiest way for a search engine to judge the value of a site. It also makes sense because it is something that people can’t fake very easily, so it makes the search engine more accurate.


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