Lesson 9 Reflection

This week I learned how to make conversions and make a google ad go live. Conversions are a useful tool because they help us see how successful our ads are in getting people to do a certain action. I put mine on my contact page because the goal in getting people to see my site is to get them to contact me and work with me. I liked the examples of using conversions on a thank you page for when someone orders something. It helps you to see if people bought something when they use an ad, which is handy to know. I would like to try to learn about using conversions on a button. My conversions would be more helpful for when people click my contact button rather than when people just see my contact page.

I also made my google ad live this week. I am impressed by how quickly I started getting visits to my site. Getting click information will help me a lot with knowing how I can improve my ads and get more traffic in the future.


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