Lesson one reflection

This week I learned about the variety there is in doing online business. For example, the case study talked about using chess as a business. In my mind, I though their only options would be to sell chess boards or chess pieces. However, they could also do things like create an online chess game that generated ad revenue. I also learned about the tools available online to see the demand and competition of different businesses, such as Google Keywords.

I think I learned the most about business models. Before this week I didn’t even know business models existed. Learning about the different models made me realize that there is more to business than just creating products and selling them. That’s how I have always though of business, so it was enlightening to me to see the variety there is.

So overall, what I have learned this week is that business is a much broader topic than I thought it was. It is starting to feel more like something that everyday people can do, though it still seems scary to me to start your own business.


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