This semester I have been participating in the photographics society at BYU-I. For the most part, I have been going because I like seeing what other students can do and I find their work inspiring. It was fun to be able to enter photos in the contest just to be able to participate with students that do some amazing work.

Blog contests:

The first photo pictured here won the food and product contest and the second photo got second place in the phonography contest. For the first photo I edited the lighting and coloring in Photoshop, and on the second photo I used my iPhone 4 and edited it using an app called PicShop Lite (which crashes every two seconds, so I don’t recommend it. It was the only app I could find that would still work with the iPhone 4).  I then submitted the photos on the photographic’s wordpress blog.

LeahMcQueen - Chocolate
Entered Sept 29, 2015
LeahMcQueen - PhonePhoto
Entered Nov 17, 2015

The next photos I entered in the landscape print contest. I went to a place called Canyon Creek and got to do some hiking around the area to get these shots. I did a lot of editing, especially on the second photo which I did HDR on. I went to Walmart to get the photos printed, and then submitted the photos to the photographics blog. All were entered on October 13, 2015.

LeahMcQueen-River LeahMcQueen-Elaina LeahMcQueen-BridgeAndRiver

The photographic’s website is



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