Final Photobook

This is my photobook that I designed to compile all the work I have done in Comm 300 this semester. I thought it was interesting going through all the photos I have done this semester. Though I have been happy with my work this semester, I kept looking through the photos thinking about how I could have done it differently with the knowledge I have now. That was a sign to me how much I have grown over this semester as a photographer. I hope to continue to practice and progress in my photography once this semester is over.

For the design of this book, I wanted the design to represent me as best as I could. I used a logo that I created in my typography class that I had this semester. This logo set the tone for the rest of my book, as I tried to incorporate circles into my design. As I was looking through examples of photobooks, I found that very few layouts use circles. By going for a continuous circle design in my book, I think it makes it more unique. I designed this book in InDesign, and I used MyPublisher to print a physical copy of the book. The fonts I used were Bembo Book Pro MT (Serif) and Lato (sans serif).

Leah McQueen’s Photobook PDF


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