Light Painting

This week I learned how to Light Paint. the process for taking these photos was to turn all the lights off and use a flashlight to light up the part of the setup that I wanted visible in the photos. I learned that it is easiest to turn the flash light off and turn it on in specific locations(rather than moving the flashlight around while on), ending with a quick sweep of light over everything. In editing the photos I mainly adjust the lighting, since many of my photos were a bit too dark. I used curves and levels with masks in Photoshop to put more light where I wanted it. I also adjusted some of the colors to make the brighter and more vibrant using vibrancy and selective color adjustment layers.

LeahMcQueen-Chairs LeahMcQueen-Christmas LeahMcQueen-ClarinetLeahMcQueen-LightBulb LeahMcQueen-PineConeLeahMcQueen-TravelLeahMcQueen-Lamp

I was playing around with this image using paint brushes in Photoshop so I thought I would include that as well: 



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