Fine Art Print

LeahMcQueen - Chocolate

This semester I have been going to the photographics society at BYU-I and participating in some of the photo contests. The photo I chose for my fine art print is a photo I took for the food and product blog contest. I chose this photo because I was invited to display this specific photo in the Spori.

I had a kind of strange set up for this photo. It looked like this:

LeahMcQueen - SetUp

I googled how to do “moody food” photos and they said to block off the light on one side and angle the light on the other side. I used black pieces of paper and ended up with this. The material is a skirt that I have set up on my desk fan. Not shown in this photo is the lamp I used for lighting. I put it to the left side in this photo. I used the two books as a tripod for my camera. The result was this photo:

LeahMcQueen - ChocolateOrigional

In Photoshop, I added curves, levels, sharpening, and a brown gradient. Here’s my video describing my process and showing my printed product:


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