Tasteful Typography

When I was at Bannack, I decided to take pictures of door knobs there. I decided when I went to put typography on them that I should make it Harry Potter themed, since I love Harry Potter. I used two different things from the series for my type: the literal lock opening spell, and the “open at the close” quote from the final book in the series. For editing, I put each photo in Photoshop and did some basic levels, curves, and vibrancy adjustments. I added text in Photoshop as well. For the first photo I created a template in Photoshop and added my photo into the shapes I arranged. Finally, on each photo, I personalized them by adding my watermark or signature for the first photo.

Title Font: Gill Sans, Old Style

Body Font: Gill Sans, Old Style

First Image Title Font: Californian FB, Serif

LeahMcQueen-FineArtTemplateLeahMcQueen-AlohomoraLeahMcQueen-OpenAtTheCloseLeahMcQueen - HermioneAlohomoraLeahMcQueen - SideDoorKnobLeahMcQueen - RustedDoorLeahMcQueen - OpenDoorLeahMcQueen - FancyDoorKnobLeahMcQueen - ColorfulDoorLeahMcQueen - SaloonDoor


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