Rules of Typography Tutorial



I did my tutorial on the rules of typography. The relevance to this class is that we have a typography assignment this Saturday. For my tutorial I mainly focused on things that we learned in comm 130 for typography as a refresher for anyone who may have forgotten. I was inspired by the list of typography rules mentioned in Visual Focus by Caryn Esplin and Thinking In Type by Ellen Lupton. I’m currently in a typography class, so I used some of the things I have learned from the Ellen Lupton book in that class, such as type having personality. The photo that I used to put typography example on is one I took for the portrait assignment on October 24. I used Photoshop to put text on my photos.



PowerPoint used in video:

Rules of Typography

Photos used:

Center aligned

LeahMcQueen-ElainaCenterLeft aligned


Right AlignedLeahMcQueen-ElainaRight

Awful exampleLeahMcQueen-ElainaTerribleExample


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