Bannack Best – Portraits

Editing process:

Since I use a pretty similar editing process on all of my photos, I will describe the process here. In Photoshop I always use the levels, curves, and vibrancy adjustment layers. I often use the sharpening tool on the subject’s eyes. On many of the photos I used the dodge and burn tools to adjust the lighting and shadows in the photos. Most of the photos have an added vignette. Some photos I used the color match tool to adjust the colors to that of a photo that had better coloring.

Auxiliary Light:

For these first two photos I used a speed light to the left of the model to form a triangle between myself, the light, and the model. In the first photo the model was instructed to act like an angry school teacher. In the second she was asked to toss an apple up a couple of times.

LeahMcQueen-AngryTeacher LeahMcQueen-AppleToss

For this photo there was a flash lighting on the model from the left, once again creating a triangle between myself, the model, and the light. The model pulled out a gun and I asked him to point it at me. He made a snarling type face which is what makes this one of my favorite photos.


This photo had a fill light off to the left side of the model. I really liked this photos because I think seeing the side of the building adds some interesting depth.


The rest of the photos were done using all natural light.

LeahMcQueen-SulkyCowboy LeahMcQueen-CowboyBlackandWhite LeahMcQueen-SaloonCowboy LeahMcQueen-ModernCowboy





3 thoughts on “Bannack Best – Portraits

  1. I love your teacher pictures! The composition is great and the lighting works really well. The shadows create visual interest and the edits look nice and natural. Also- great job winning that recent photo contest with the Photographics Society! The chocolate looked so delicious!

    Check out my work at:
    Renee had a fun levitation image:

    Here is an article and a site that has tons of levitation images!

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