Bannack Best – Fine Art


For my HDR photo I set my camera on a tripod and took three photos at different exposures. My camera doesn’t have bracketing, so I had to change the exposure manually. I used Photoshop’s HDR software to merge together the brighter two photos. For the darker image, Photoshop was making the background look kind of muddy in the HDR window, so I masked in the darker image in the background myself. I then added some levels, vibrancy, and curves adjustments..


Three exposure thumbnails:

LeahMcQueen-HDROverexposed LeahMcQueen-HDRRegular LeahMcQueen-HDRUnderExposed

Gray scale:

While taking portraits, I was able to ask the model with the spurs to let me take a close up of the spurs. In Photoshop I added a black and white adjustment layer. I played with the contrast, level, and curves settings to get the spur to stand out more in black and white.


Other Fine Art:

My editing process for all the following pictures was essentially the same. I used the curves, vibrancy, and levels adjustments in Photoshop on every photo. On some photos I used color match to adjust the colors. Many of the photos have a sharpening mask and most the photos have a vignette added to finish it off.

This wheel barrow photo is one of my favorites from the trip. I really like the way the sky turned out in it. LeahMcQueen-WheelBarrow

Lindsey was kind enough to let me borrow her Viola for a few minutes to take pictures of. I loved how the color of it would pop out where ever I put it. 


This little globe was a prop that I brought with me. I put it on one of the desks in the school house to get this shot.

This was the inside of the old piano in the saloon. 

These were the boots of the model in the saloon who was sitting on the barber chair.




One thought on “Bannack Best – Fine Art

  1. Great compositions and shots Everything looks so crisp and clean. Nice use of natural lighting, are these all hdr, if not great job in taking these images. I also am a great fan of those violin shots, was that yours or did you borrow it from the leaders?

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