Bannack Best – Creativity


The process for the levitation photo was pretty simple. Lindsey laid on a table in the saloon at Bannack and I took a picture with her on the table and one without her or the table. I used a light stand as a tripod so that the two photos would be aligned the same. In post I masked out the table under Lindsey and removed some objects in the background that made it look like she might have still been on something. I adjusted the lighting in post using levels and curve settings.


Background and subject thumbnails:

LeahMcQueen-Background LeahMcQueen-Subject

Ghosting Effect:

I have two ghost photos. The first it is a little hard to see Lindsey, so I included the second photo which more clearly shows the ghost. In both photos the camera was set on a 10 second shutter. Lindsey stayed still for 5 seconds then left the photo. I did very little adjustments on the levels, curves, and vibrancy settings in post.

LeahMcQueen-Haunted LeahMcQueen-Ghost

Out of the Box:

For this photo I mixed two photos I took at Bannack. The sewing machine photo was feeling a little plain before, so I decided to add the tree to the wall. I used the overlay filter and masked out the tree on the floor and on the sewing machine.


Original Photos:

LeahMcQueen-Sewing LeahMcQueen-Tree

Light Painting:

For the light painting I had a flashlight to put the light on the shells and the camera was on a 15 second shutter. In post I have a lot of unwanted light picked up in the camera, so I painted it out with black paint.



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