Portraits and Enhancements

For the portrait assignment I was happy that my roommate and her boyfriend agreed to let me take pictures of them at the gardens at BYU-I. I had a reflector for some of the photos, but not all. For the photos I did have I reflector on, I used the gold and white sides of the 5 in 1 reflector. Other than that, I had no special equipment. I enhanced the colors in each photo using vibrancy and color selecting tools. I also adjusted the brightness through the curves and levels tools. For most of the pictures, I used the sharpening tool on the eyes, and the spot healing brush to remove blemished. On the first two photos shown I whitened teeth.

Individual – Side Composition:


Individual – Head or Head & Shoulders:


Individual – Full Body:



Group Activity:


If that isn’t candid enough, this is a photo I took when I told them to pretend I wasn’t there and do whatever they want.


Group Posed: LeahMcQueen-ElainaGrandonPosed

Individual or Group Environmental:

This is a typical day of homework in the kitchen, complete with grocery bags, dishes, and toaster in the background.


Portrait Enhancements:

For this photo I whitened their teeth, sharpened their eyes using the sharpening tools, and removed blemishes using the spot healing brush.


Match color:

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. The picture I used to match the color was shot in the same location, but the colors turned out better in the other photo.


Original image and color source of color match.

LeahMcQueen-ElainaGrandonColorMatchBefore LeahMcQueen-ElainaGrandonPosed




Replace Color:

Here is the original photo with the gray shirts.



Here is the same photo with blue or turquoise shirts. LeahMcQueen-ElainaGrandonArchesBlueShirts


4 thoughts on “Portraits and Enhancements

  1. Great photos for this assignment, good job! I really liked the image of the girl doing her homework. I thought the lighting was pretty good on her face, which draws the focus on her expression and creates good lines from her eyes to the computer. I also enjoyed that it was a black and white photograph because I feel like not a lot of the photos we take in this class are black and white.

    Speaking of B&W pictures, here is a fun article on how to create dramatic black and white photographs.

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