Creativity: Close up and personal

This week I experimented with a speed light and macro tubes. I’ve never used either before, so it was a fun experience. The set up for each photo was a little different, so I will go into detail later on. However, editing was similar on each photo. In Photoshop I used layer adjustments to brighten the images and enhance their colors (or in one case, make it black and white). I use the curves, vibrancy, color selection, and brightness layers to accomplish this. On some photos I used the color dodge and burn tools to increase the shadows and highlights, but most photos I did not use this. Each has an unsharpening mask to sharpen the photo.

Close Up:

To set up the dandelion I placed it on a piece of foil to give it a reflective surface. I put a blue piece of paper and speedlight behind the dandelion.

LeahMcQueen-Dandelion LeahMcQueen-DandelionFull

I was baking cookies, so I decided to take a picture of one. I put a speedlight to the the side of it.


The Young Women’s medallion also has a speedlight to its side.


Water Drops:

For this photo I used an eye dropper to put the droplet on the stem of the apple. I used a tripod and set my camera’s timer. When the timer was about to go off, I started spraying water with a spray bottle and the speedlight helped capture the droplets in the air.


In this photo I again put the water droplet on the apple with an eye dropper. I then placed another apple behind this apple and got it inside the droplet. LeahMcQueen-AppleDrop

For this photo I used an eye dropper to put a water droplet on top of a turtle necklace which is filled with tiny wildflowers. I tried to keep only the flowers you can see through the water in focus.


For this last photo I used my eye dropper to try to capture some water falling. I used a tripod, speedlight, and the timer on my camera. I also put some blue water color in the bowl of water to make it extra blue. I got this shot on my second try. I kept trying after that, but this was the only one that came out well.



3 thoughts on “Creativity: Close up and personal

  1. I love your photos! I didn’t use a speed light for mine but that would have been really fun to try. I like how you captured the reflection of the apple in your drop. I really had a hard time getting the reflection. You also did really well at keeping the droplet in focus, nice job!

    Check out my work at:

    Renee also had some great macro shots:

    Another article you might like about water drops using macro:

  2. Leah! Holy smokes you have done an incredible job on these photos this week. Seriously I think these are some of the best images of the class this week. They are so clear and so detailed. My favorites are the apple pictures (but seriously all are so amazing!) Also, the water droplet is incredible, too. It is so clear, I need to figure out how you did that so well!!!

    Stop by my blog when you get the chance:
    Also, here is another classmate’s blog:
    And a cool similar website to what we’re doing:

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