Perspective of 12


For this project I took 12 perspectives of a one of the pianos in the Romney building at BYUI. For taking the photos I didn’t use any equipment other than my camera. I did take the piano apart a little bit, such as lifting up the lid on the top to look at the hammers, and taking off the bottom panel above the pedals to see the strings.

For editing I did about the same thing on every photo. I used the curves, vibrancy, and selective color adjustment layers in Photoshop to touch up the lighting and colors on every photos. On the majority of the photos, I then made a new layer with all the edits on it and added an unsharpen filter. On top of that, I used the burn and dodge tools to adjust the lighting. For some of the photos I used a texture with the overlay feature and I adjusted the opacity. Some of the pictures also have an added burned edge effect to finish them off. LeahMcQueen-Piano LeahMcQueen-OldPianoStrings LeahMcQueen-OldPianoKeys LeahMcQueen-PianoInsides


Thumbnails of edited photos:

LeahMcQueen-PianoStrings LeahMcQueen-PianoPegs LeahMcQueen-PianoPedals LeahMcQueen-PianoInsides LeahMcQueen-PianoBolts LeahMcQueen-Piano LeahMcQueen-OldPianoStrings LeahMcQueen-OldPianoKeys LeahMcQueen-LidStand LeahMcQueen-KeyHole LeahMcQueen-Hammer LeahMcQueen-Coils

Thumbnails of Original Photos:

I’m including these to show the difference in the edited images.

LeahMcQueen-PianoStringsOriginal LeahMcQueen-PianoPegsOriginal LeahMcQueen-PianoPedalsOriginal LeahMcQueen-PianoInsidesOriginal  LeahMcQueen-PianoBoltsOriginal LeahMcQueen-PianoOrigional LeahMcQueen-OldPianoStringsOriginal LeahMcQueen-OldPianoKeysOrigionalLeahMcQueen-LidStandOriginal LeahMcQueen-KeyHoleOriginal LeahMcQueen-HammerOriginal LeahMcQueen-CoilsOriginal

Textures used from

PaperStained0032_1_S Grungemaps0154_S BokehNight0166_S


3 thoughts on “Perspective of 12

  1. The piano is such a great object, so much detail, and a variety of items all in one. The picture on the middle right of your grid is such a magnificent piece. There is a variety of hierarchy appearing that I do appreciate. That wooden and brass color is also really fun to capture I believe.

    Check out my *not so great” design here at:

    Check out this one as well:

    Then, after learning about composition, I came across force-perspective compositions and I find these really entertaining and creative:

  2. Hey! I love these photos. Your perspective was really great and I love your composition. Your enhancements really contributed to the photos as well. I specifically liked the one of the keys that included the brand name, Kawai. The lighting changes really made it look even more fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    Here is a link to another site that features piano photos that are really awesome:

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