Light: Motion and Blur


For the first photo, my process for taking the photo was highly dependent on getting a lucky shot. I put my camera in burst mode and had a roommate throw the paper airplane somewhere around 10 times. I did my best to capture the paper airplane in the camera (missing it the majority of the time) and finally got this shot. In Photoshop I brightened the colors of the photo and made the contrast between the plane and sky more distinct.

Paper Airplane: 09-26-2015, 5:19pm, Autumn Winds Parking Lot – FL: 42.0 mm – f: 18.0 – 1/250 sec – Nikon D3300

For the second freeze shot, I also got lucky. The clouds parted just at the right time for the sun to make the water sparkle a little. Before that, all my photos were coming out too dark with the attempt at using a fast shutter speed. I placed a leaf on the rock on the waterfall to create a focal point in the image. In Photoshop I brightened the colors and sharpened the water to make it look more crisp and frozen in motion.

Waterfall Leaf: 9/26/2015, 4:27pm, Waterfall outside BYU-I Spori building – FL: 27.0 mm  – f: 4.0 – 1/500 sec  – Nikon D3300


The first blur photo I have was done along with the freeze waterfall picture. The process for this one involved setting up a tripod and placing the leaf in a good spot to be focal point on one of the rule of thirds lines. In Photoshop I greatly enhanced the colors, and brightness of the photo. I also added a gradient mask to make the water seem more blue, and this helped to bring out the blur more.

Waterfall Blur: 9/26/2015, 4:18pm, Waterfall outside BYU-I Spori building – FL: 55.0 mm  – f: 36.0 – 0.6 sec  – Nikon D3300 – Tripod

The final photo I took by setting up on a tripod. I set the camera low to the ground and put the camera’s shutter into bulb mode. When the traffic light turned green, I would hold down the button to begin taking the photo, and when all the cars had passed I released the button. After a few tries, this was the photo I got. I enhanced the colors and brightness of the lights in Photoshop.

Temple Lights: 9/26/2015, 8:47pm, Rexburg Temple – FL: 55.0 mm  – f: 36.0 – 24.0 sec  – Nikon D3300 – Tripod and camera’s bulb mode

7 thoughts on “Light: Motion and Blur

  1. You have a clean and simple feel in your photography and I usually believe that is the best. From your red paper plane, I see such great contrast and strong composition in that image.I also believe that your temple street image was stunning and would be such an amazing wallpaper. You might have mentioned but did you not use any other lighting system in this besides bulb mode, because it looks really hard to capture.

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  2. I love your temple photo! Seriously, you have a fun style. I love the drop of water with the rocks on the waterfall. I also don’t know how it’s possible to get such a great paper airplane photo. I think to improve your temple photo, you could photoshop out some of the street lights to focus more on the temple lights and cars passing by.

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