Past Photos

Here's a photo from when I was at Provo. I'm on the right.
Here’s a photo from when I was at Provo. I’m on the right.

Hello! My name is Leah McQueen. I’m from Riverside, California, but over the past four years I have been studying at both BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho. I went to BYU-Provo for three years, during which time I studied math, english, and computer science. I transferred to BYU-Idaho spring of 2015 to study Web Design and Development (not offered at Provo), and I am so happy to finally have a major that I love.

Before last semester, all my experience in photography was as a hobby. Everything I knew about photography I learned from YouTube (which is still true for the most part). Spring semester I took Comm130 and Art130 and learned how to use Photoshop in both of these classes. I still don’t know much about photography itself, but I feel pretty comfortable learning editing programs.


These first few photos are ones I took for my mom’s soap business. I did them before I knew anything about editing, so they are straight off my camera. 


Here are some photos at the beach. They were also before I knew how to do anything in Photoshop, so they are not edited.


The following photos are from last semester. I used some basic edits on each, mainly by using Photoshop’s curves and vibrancy settings. For the tennis ball picture, I did most of the effect in camera using lighting and ISO settings and then touched it up with the curves and vibrancy settings in Photoshop. I did the same type of effect on the photo that says the word “wisdom” (This photo was used on a poster project in my Art130 class. I made this image by cutting out the letters in paper and putting a picture of a cat in the hole of the D.).LeahMcQueen-Tennis



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