P5: Logo Project


  1. Description: This is a logo for a fake company that uses an illustration. There are three versions of the logo: colored, greyscale, and a white on a color background.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I started this project by figuring out what type of company I wanted to design for. Once I decided on a nursery, I decided the logo should have a nature theme. With this in mind, I sketched some ideas. I then took photos of these sketches and used them to trace with the pen tool in  Adobe Illustrator. Once the logos were digitized, I got people to vote on their favorite logo. The hummingbird logo was the favorite, so I then revised it and made the greyscale and white on color versions.
  3. Message: Company branding for a business called Hidden Garden’s Nursery.
  4. Audience: People who are interested in gardening or nurseries.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to turn a stroke or line into a shape so that it can be used with the pathfinder tool to cut into other shapes (used on the lines cut into the leaves on the white on color version of the logo).
  6. Color Scheme and Color Names: Tetratic using lime, indigo, gold, violet.
  7. Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Title font – Constantia, Serif font Subtitle: Coolvetica Regular, Sans Serif font

4 thoughts on “P5: Logo Project

  1. Great job, Leah. I remember Bro. Reeder talking to us about how you wanted to make your logo better, but the flow generated by the humming bird is spot on. Your third version (green backdrop) is my personal favorite, because it’s so versatile with only one color. I like your color scheme, and I think that the only thing that can be improved, MAYBE, is repetition. I see the repeating pattern in your leaves, and I’m not sure that there’s much more that CAN be repeated well, but that’s just how great this logo is to me. Once more, nice job.

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