Project 1: Flier



This is a grayscale flier for the company Vouant to promote their three-day graduate leadership conference.


The process for this flier began with researching some styles of fliers, than taking elements of those fliers to sketch out some new ideas. After sketching, I began digitizing the sketches in InDesign. Once I had a rough draft, I had the flier evaluated by three people, which resulted in many changes. In the final product, I have a slanted photo to make the flier more interest through asymmetry. I made a large title so that there is a focal point that delivers the message. The line under the title creates unity with the border on the photo and the ‘a’ on the logo since they all use the same shade of gray. I left some white space next to the title in an ‘L’ shape, and spaced out the paragraph so that the flier doesn’t feel too full or cluttered. The text, logo, and photo were all provided to me for the flier.


The message of the flier is to advertise a graduate student conference to graduate students interested in developing skills that will help them be better and more competitive business people.


The audience is recent graduate students, most likely aged somewhere between 22-30 years old.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned the importance of not only sketching, but sketching until I like an idea, because digitizing three different ideas takes too long, and doesn’t allow enough time for refinement.

Title Font Name & Category:

Verdana Bold – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Verdana Regular – Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project:


2 thoughts on “Project 1: Flier

  1. I love the final product of your flyer. I’ve noticed you’ve made some changes from when I first saw the draft when we had the video session together. I’m glad you’re still balancing your flier by having the logo in the middle down below. Even though you have moved the body text, you still managed to make it balance, so well done! 🙂

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