Here’s my introduction! My microphone isn’t the greatest and I’m also a pretty quiet person so if you can’t hear what I’m saying I was pretty much reading this (I kept blanking whenever I hit record so I had to type it out and read it):

Hello! My name is Leah McQueen. I am from Riverside California. This is my first semester at BYU-Idaho. I transferred from BYU provo where I was studying Computer Science and I came up here to study web design and development. I was at BYU for three years I’ve gone through quite a range of majors the biggest jump being from English to Computer Science which obviously aren’t very similar, so I’m hoping I’ve finally found the right one. Most of my experience in visual communication has been as a hobby. I’ve taught myself to use illustrator, indesign, and a little bit of photoshop mainly using youtube videos and tutorials I’ve found on google. The most professional thing I have done is make a logo for my mom’s little business she started. I hope to learn from this course how to design things more professionally then I have as a hobby because as a hobby I usually just say yeah that looks good but I don’t really know why it looks good. And I’m also excited to learn how to use the adobe products more in depth and also how to use them together since I’ve only worked with them individually.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. I too want to learn about the Adobe programs more in depth so that we can design things professionally. This’ll be a great semester.

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